Dan Hogman

Beijing, China
High-Rise Commercial
High-Rise Residential
San Francisco
High-Rise Commercial
San Francisco
Corporate Interiors
Transportation Facilities


  • High-rise commercial
  • High-rise residential
  • Multi-family Residential
  • Urban Planning
  • Specialty Projects – This category (a 20% overall) includes art galleries/museums, transportation terminals, custom retail.


PS – I take partial credit for the work listed above, since it was done while part of large architect teams. Reference beyond the slideshow above only available upon request.



  • Commercial Architectural Photography –
  • Architectural Interiors
  • Fine Art – in monochrome.
  • People – I occasionally shoot people. In most cases, nobody gets hurt.

Only a small part of this is commissioned, most of this visuals are produces for my own curiosity – therefore, available for l licensing. This is quick summary of what I photography. My Flickr, 500px or Instagram has more to look at.



  • Architectural Illustration
  • Urban /cityscapes /travel notes
  • Ideas /concepts

Continuously posting the latest in my Instagram. These might/might not be available for sale – feel free to ask. Or, if you are interested in illustrating/selling/advertising your product via my sketch or my social media channels – drop me a line.

About / Contact

About DH

Architect (WA #10221). Location – San Francisco, California. For latest, see my social media below.

 Social media

The best way to see what I’m up to. I post regularly.

Instagram – (almost) daily visual journal. Short sketch videos.
Facebook – longer sketch videos here.
Twitter – rarely interesting links to whatever I read. Occasional sketch vines.
Flickr, 500px – photography and more…

Contact me

Email: danhogman [at] gmail.com

New – I was asked in the past to work as “influencer” – here is a little page on this. Feel free to contact me if you think my services would be helpful to your brand. -dh